Old mill

Old mill – is a working antique stone mill! Intentionally set low production capacity allows to use the mill in demonstration purposes for the creation of the Medieval entourage in showrooms, restaurants and shops. The model doesn’t dust, works quietly and shows the process of Medieval flour grinding openly due to the exposure of the millstones. Thanks to the natural sounds of the stone friction, creak of the wooden gear-wheels, impressive sizes and the appearance the Old Mill will surely give unforgettable impressions to the viewer and would dive him into the atmosphere of the ancient times.

Technical characteristics:

  • Hourly capacity: up to 7 kg;
  • Hopper capacity: approx. 80 L.
  • Millstone diameter: 500 mm / 19.68″;
  • Millstone material: solid hard-type granite stone;
  • Body material: spruce, oak & beech;
  • External dimensions: W 1250 / D 1400 / H 2100 mm;
  • Weight: approx. 750 kg;
  • Engine: 1.5 kW / 1 Ph / 220 V / 50 Hz;

Brief history

This old stone mill was produces in Carpathian mountains (close to the Romanian border) in the XX century by a local artisan – it was grinding flour until 90-s, working from the river.

In 2018 it was found and carried to our workshop – here it got a new life: it was fully disassembled and restored, we made it work from a 220 V engine. The most difficult part during the restoration process was the restoration of all of its working functions, while preserving its style and originality. Interestingly, constructive solutions used in this stone mill were so competent so that we started to use them in the production of our own stone mills.

PRICE: $10000.00

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