Mill D-30

A small-sized stone mill of up to 45 kg hourly capacity, able to satisfy needs in whole-grain flour of a family, small bakery and a coffee house. The advantage of this model is its light weight and small dimensions, which make her easy at transportation and use.

The mill is equipped with:

  • An emergency shutdown system at grain absence;
  • A frequency converter: allows to function from 220 V, regulate the millstone rotation speed, decrease power usage and increase service life;
  • A mechanical regulation of the grain discharge;
  • A regulator of the millstone height;
  • A moisture ventilation hole.

Technical characteristics:

  • Hourly capacity: up to 45 kg;
  • Hopper capacity: approx. 28 L;
  • Millstone diameter: 300 mm / 11.81″;
  • Millstone material: solid hard-type granite stone;
  • Body material: alder & oak wood;
  • External dimension: W 590 / D 798 / H 1155 mm;
  • Weight: approx. 100 kg;
  • Engine: 1.5 kW / 3 Ph / from 220 V / 50 Hz.


  • A sifting machine can be installed (see model D-30S).

PRICE: $4500.00

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