Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often is the mill stone dressing and roughening required?

Mill stones require to be dressed and roughened 1-2 times a year, depending on the frequency of the mill usage.

  • Do you provide the mill commissioning services?

Yes, we provide them: from the video conferences up to coming to your place.

  • Do you hold seminars and educational trainings about the mill commissioning?

Yes, there are three options: 1. Online (via video conference), 2. If you call for a commissioning expert, he will explain it at your place, 3. If you are our client, you can come to one of our flour mill plants and get educated there.

  • How often should I change the mill stones?

Experience of our forefathers showed, that mill stones change every generation.

  • Can I buy the mill and after some time buy a sifter for it in addition?

Yes. You simply need to tell us the model of your mill, and we will make the sifter for it.

  • How noisy is the mill?

It depends on the model you choose, but on average the noise level wavers between 60 and 80 dB.

  • How to maintain the mill?

It is sufficient to just clean the mill from the dust and dirt, check the belts and nuts, periodically dress and roughen the mill stones.