About The Miller company

The Miller company specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of the stone mills and other milling equipment.

We choose to use the natural solid granite stone and special dressings on top of it for our mills to produce not only the best quality flour, but a flour that fully preserves the nutritional value of the grain it was made from.

We use only high quality stone, wood, metal and electrical components!

Our company started out from our simple need in whole-grain bakery products for our own treatment.

While the natural grains could be found in the eastern European countries, which we are from, the equipment for their correct handling was in big scarcity.

At this point our company was born – we started to make our own primitive stone mills for the personal use. Later our like-minded people in the healthy food consumption asked to manufacture mills for them and so we began to sell our equipment, while constantly enhancing our production.

Today we grew up till the production of industrial mills with sifting machines and we are now one of the biggest stone mill manufacturers in the CIS countries. We have now started our export worldwide. But we still don’t stop here and continue to master the chosen craft to in high quality equipment.


Address: Ukraine, Zhytomyr, Vostochnaya str., 80.

Phone (Ukraine): +380 96 740 14 13 (Call, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram)

E-mail: themiller.sales@gmail.com