7 reasons you should have a mill at home

Owning a mill – is an unusual and quite expensive investment in one’s life. Here may come a question “Why would I need a mill, if I can simply buy the flour in any grocery shop nearby?” . In this article we will tell you main reasons why purchasing a mill is a good investment in your life.


The first main fact would be that the mill is a step towards the product independence. Bread has always been and would be a priority product and when you have it you’ll always eat despite the circumstances in the country and in the world. When correctly supplying yourself with the grain the mill will allow to become independent from the economy and industry of the country at their hardest moments.

Few people know that earlier the mill was a necessary thing at any house. Our ancestors were dependent upon their home mills, because when one loses his mill he loses his food also – the grown grain couldn’t be turned into a consumable form.

This was used by bolsheviks during repressions, when they deprived peasants of their manual stone mills and broke the industrial ones of landlords. They took the autonomy away from the people thus enforcing them to join collective households.

No man shall take the lower or the upper millstone in pledge, for he takes one’s living in pledge.”

Deuteronomy 24:6, the Bible


However, despite whether hard times will occur or not people now live in the world where a healthy food is replaced by an unhealthy one. And even if crises won’t happen one can easily get a disease out of a modern food full of synthetic chemicals, thus still calling people to care about their food independence.

The most healthy type of flour is whole grain flour – the one that contains all grain components in it. The bran and germ contains healthy nutrients, without which the flour would give only energy. Your own whole grain flour not only will satisfy you with tasty energising baking, but will also strengthen your health!


You may save money. The grain prime cost is lower than of the grocery shop flour and bread, especially when buying it whole sale. The grain can be preserved for many years, the flour – can’t. Thanks to the mill the grain will be ground at need within a long period of time. This is super handy!

You may save energy. While visiting the grocery shop you will no longer need to load your bags with flour packages.

You may save space on the shelves. Thanks to the mill you will grind flour at need as much as the current cooking recipe requires.


Freshly-ground whole grain flour gives better taste to the bread than the older one. Also the sourdough likes fresh flour.


Прибыль и маржа — в чем разница — Финансовые советы

Organic production is in trend today in the entire world and this market grows fast. People started to realise that modern food of doubtful content and quality harms their health. As a consequence they become zealous consumers of every ecologically clean product. Natural whole grain flour and bread may become your source of income and business, where the mill is again a necessary equipment here!


Milling and baking are useful hobbies. It will become your pleasant leisure which will also give real benefit to you and others. The mill here is a foundation of the work. It is also known that manual labour brings more satisfaction from the results than the intellectual one.

Family unity

Some of our wealthy clients purchased mills for grinding their own whole grain flour and baking their own bread. Why would they do it if they can buy any bread in the world? They say that the production of their bread is a business unifying their families. It is important for them that their children are grown in labour, obedience and receive practical knowledge. The mill here again is a useful instrument. The kids see how the flour is produced and the bread afterwards. Then they reap the results of their work.

Obviously a mill in hardworking hands – is a good tool which will improves the quality of life and confidence in the next day. Thanks to the mill new opportunities may occur – from improving your health with nutritious products and labour to saving money, unifying the family around one business and becoming more independent.

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